Your 2020 Horoscope: The Perfect Paint Color to Match

Interior paint isn’t just decorative–it can make or break the energy inside of your home and as a result, influence your quality of life. To help ensure you’re bringing the best vibes into your home this year, we reached out to astrologer extraordinare Tamerri Ater — aka the AstroFashionista — to find out what’s written in the stars for every zodiac sign and which paint colors can help make it happen. According to Ater, “2020 is not only the start of a new decade, but it’s a ground-breaking and exciting year astrologically, too.” Read ahead to hear what Ater says is in store for your 2020 horoscope — and the best zodiac sign colors to usher in good vibes at home.

2020 is kind of YOUR year, Capricorn with three powerful planets in your sign for most of the year. The climb to the top is not an easy one, as your sign knows oh-so-well. This year will require patience, hardwork and sacrifice – all the things you’re used to but success awaits. The stars are aligned for you so bring some Cosmic Vibes into your space.


This year is about going deep within yourself and your subconscious to discover what it is you truly want to manifest in the years ahead. Sounds heavy and dramatic but it doesn’t have to be! Aquarians are known for being forward thinking so sky’s the limit when it comes to creating your best life. Time to Make Waves in your life with this stunning sea-inspired paint color.

Pisces aren’t known for being the most outgoing sign in the zodiac, but it’s time to wear the social butterfly crown in 2020. Making new connections and putting yourself out there can bring you financial gain this year and who doesn’t want that? You’ll be so hot, you’ll have to start turning down invitations but keep the spice going at home with Sriracha.

Your reputation and destiny take center stage in 2020 with possible big changes in your career and to your finances. It may be time for you to pivot into a career path that “lights you up” on the inside so it’s important for you to brighten up your surroundings. Turn your life’s lemons into Lemonade with this cheery, uplifting shade.

Change has been happening all around you, Taurus, which may feel disruptive to your routine-loving nature. You’re being tasked with learning to go with the flow and increasing your knowledge. Travel is also good for your soul right now but if you want to keep some level of normalcy in your life, make your home Neutral Territory with a tried and true beige paint color.

You may experience a deep and meaningful internal transformation this year, Gemini – something that may make a light-hearted sign like yours a little uncomfortable. Sure surface level can be fun and entertaining, but depth and discovery can be just as stimulating. Set the mood in your space for deep contemplation with Prince.

You’re learning how to create balance and harmony in your relationships Cancer, which may require some thickening of your skin. You’re a natural nurturer but it’s ok for you to expect and want the same in return from the people closest to you. Practicing self-love is the best way to show others how you deserve to be treated. Create a romantic space for yourself at home with a classic pink like Baby Soft.


How you work and your work environment may be long overdue for a refresh, Leo. New opportunities may arise and you’ll be ready to strike while the iron is hot. All of this excitement may make you a little more high-strung than usual so it’s important that you get your rest and take care of your health. If your job doesn’t offer a Summer Friday, create it for yourself with this relaxing blue hue.

Time to turn up the heat in your romantic life, Virgo. Your sign is tactical and methodical but you could use a little more fun and whimsy in your life overall this year. It’s time to take (calculated) risks, because who am I kidding, you’re practical AF. Everyone will be happy to see your more playful side as you make the entire year Rosé Season with this fresh, vibrant shade of pink.

2020 is all about the nest for you Libra with planets hanging out in your 4th house of home and family for most of the year. Not like you need a reason, (your sign is all about visual stimulation), but now’s the perfect time to decorate, remodel or even move. Whatever changes you make or where you end up may be your reality for several years to come so create a space that will endure with an inviting off-white like Timeless.

The way you think and communicate are slowly changing partly due to your relationships with others. If you have a message or project that you want to get out into the world, now is the time. Making new connections with people in your city or through friends and siblings can be beneficial. With all this networking, your neighborhood may feel like the Big Apple, so this rich red paint color is appropriate.


Your income and what you value is in the spotlight with several planets in your second house of income for most of 2020. Your net worth can be directly determined by your self-worth so it’s important that you keep your confidence high. Being conservative and responsible with your money and resources is another key to success this year. Stay focused on financial goals with Money Moves.