The Best Bathroom Paint Colors

A little paint goes a long way in a bathroom. To prove our point, we rounded up some of the best bathroom paint colors Clare has to offer to inspire your home upgrades. From bold but moody greens to crisp, clean whites, read ahead for the bathroom wall colors we swear by (and some clever ways to use them).

The most popular white bathroom colors for making a small bathroom feel larger

Fresh Kicks: You can always count on a crisp coat of clean white paint to make your bathroom look bigger in no time. Color your walls with Fresh Kicks to open up a small or windowless bathroom or use it to energize a monochrome space without straying from an all-white palette.

Think of your favorite white pair, straight out the box. That’s the feeling of this one. Fresh and modern, this is our cleanest, brightest white, with no undertones.

Best-selling bathroom paint color for a reason, Whipped is a warm white that works wonders in just about any room of your home. Open up a small bathroom with warm white wall paint and let your décor accents do the talking.

Dreamy and whisked-to-perfection, this is the warmest of our whites with a soft, delicate feel. Our best white for north-facing rooms but versatile enough to work in any space.

Snow Day: Searching for a shade of white paint that will brighten up your bathroom and make it seem larger at the same time? Snow Day is a cool white with a touch of warmth that will liven up your bathroom walls while creating the appearance of a more expansive space.


Like a serene winter wonderland the morning after a first snowfall. This is our coolest white, with just a touch of warmth to liven it up.

The best bathroom colors when you don’t want white.

Current Mood: Bold colors make a big impact in a small bathroom. Along with bringing personality and drama to the space, an eye-catching wall color, like Current Mood, can make a cramped bathroom feel roomier than it really is.


For those who aren’t afraid to bring the drama. A mysterious, moody green that’s intense and alluring all at once.

Wing It: If you thought pale pink bathrooms were passé, then it’s time to think again. Like a neutral, a barely-there shade of pink paint, like Wing It, can provide a pop of color in a bathroom without overwhelming the space.


A pale, sophisticated, barely there pink, inspired by our favorite all-ladies social club that made pink our new favorite neutral.

Blackest: Dreaming of a black-and-white bathroom but don’t want to have to wallpaper the space? A rich shade of dark black wall paint, like Blackest, creates a stunning contrast to white tile bathroom accents–no stripes necessary.


The best bathroom wall colors to make your space feel spa-like. Seize the Gray: We don’t call this fresh shade of light gray the perfect neutral for nothing. Calming and versatile, Seize the Gray has minimal undertones that make it a great paint choice for updating everything from your bathroom walls to the wainscoting.

A perfect neutral. This light, fresh gray has minimal undertones and provides a versatile backdrop for whatever the day may bring. Carpe diem, indeed.

Headspace: Colors that evoke feelings of the sky or sky are great for bringing a soothing, spa-like ambiaence to your bathroom. Create a sense of calm with a soft and airy shade of blue-green like Headspace.


A universal favorite, this soft and airy blue-green hue brings a sense of calm to any space.

The best bathroom paint ideas when you want a quick refresh

Irony: Never underestimate the power of painted millwork in a bathroom. Case in point: This tiny powder room where Irony-painted shiplap panels draw from the hues of the printed wallpaper to make a small-space savvy statement.

No Alanis references here. We were simply inspired by the color of iron. Our darkest gray that evokes richness and drama.


Love the idea of dark bathroom walls but not ready to commit to painting the entire space? Try painting the bottom half of your bathroom walls in a deep shade like Current Mood, and stick with wallpaper or a neutral paint color for the upper portion.

When all else fails, you can always paint your trims in a commanding shade to revamp your bathrooms in a pinch. Even a dark and daring paint color, like Blackest, can bring a bit of depth and drama to a bathroom, as shown in this space paired with a whimsical patterned wallpaper.