How to Create an Inviting Huest Bedroom for Houseguests

How to create an inviting guest bedroom for houseguests

Whether you’re hosting festivities over the holiday season or regularly house out-of-town visitors, a warm and welcoming guest room is essential for your houseguests. In addition to cleaning and organizing your guest room, you’ll want to spruce up the space with some fresh guest room décor and make sure you have all of your houseguest staples handy. From plush bedding to bedside water carafes, here are nine affordable guest room décor ideas that will ensure your houseguests have a comfortable stay.

A crisp coat of paint to brighten things up

Nothing freshens up a space faster than a fresh coat of wall paint. Consider a warm white, like Whipped, to forge a soft, relaxing feel for your guest room or an airy blue-green hue, such as Headspace, to create a calm and serene scene for your houseguests.

Fresh flowers to cheer up your houseguests

Few things feel more inviting in a guest room than fresh flowers. Whether it’s a beautiful bouquet of colorful hydrangeas or a single but oh-so pretty peony bloom, fresh greenery in a guest room shows your guests you put time and effort into welcoming them.

A smart speaker to streamline your guest room

A mini smart speaker can turn your guest room into a state-of-the-art wireless space in seconds. A portable smart speaker allows your guests to program everything from a morning alarm to white noise sounds at bedtime from the comfort of their mobile phones.


A place for your houseguests to hang clothes

No one wants to have to stare at their luggage in a guest room. Make sure you clear out enough room in your guest room closet for your visitors to hang up their stuff, or invest in a freestanding garment rack to provide a makeshift place for houseguests to hang up their jackets and clothes.


A welcome basket of little luxuries

Greet your houseguests with a basket of overnight goodies to make your guest room feel more like a luxury hotel. An assortment of posh essentials, such as travel-sized designer toiletries, silk sleep masks, and high-end candles will ensure your houseguests have a five-star stay.


An air purifier-humidifier so you’re guests can breathe easy

Fill your guest room with clean, dust-and-allergen-free air for your houseguests by employing a personal air purifier in the space. A pint-sized purifier that’s small enough to set on a bedside table but powerful enough to improve the air quality of your entire guest room is a great idea.


A carafe of water by the bed

Why put your guests through the trouble of stumbling to the bathroom in the middle of the night when you can provide them with fresh water in their room instead? Place a carafe of cool water and a handful of drinking glasses on a bedside table or stand so your houseguests can quench their thirst without having to leave the room.


Plush bedding so your houseguests sleep soundly

Falling asleep away from home can be hard no matter how comfortable a guest room may be. Dress up your guest bed with super soft bedding, pillows, and throws so your houseguests have something comfy to snuggle up with at night.