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Patrick S, Toronto, ON

Before moving to a new house this year, I found Chris to help the new house paint the walls. From the very beginning, Chris felt good about me. The price was within my budget. The ground was also included in the construction. It also helped me plan after construction. Thanks to him for giving me some suggestions on the color, and finishing all the paint work within the expected time, which ensured the time for me to move. Thanks Chris, and I will contact again if I need it next time.

Yifan L, Markham, ON

The paint introduced by my friend was very powerful! I added the person in charge of WeChat, and after seeing the photos he sent, I knew that they were specialized in this business, so I had confidence in their professionalism. Their other person in charge gave me color suggestions and analysis of popular trends. The space on the first floor is very high-end and I am very satisfied. A room on the second floor was a little darker, so I immediately bought a light-colored paint for me. The construction master did a very careful job, all the corners and corners were done, some previous cracks also helped to repair, and finally the floor was cleaned up when leaving. Looking forward to the day of moving. Shifen Paint not only paints well, but also has design suggestions. The price is also very reasonable. It is very worthwhile to find them!

Tom G, Richmond Hill

Thank you very much for the paint service, the color suggestions are very good, the house is beautifully painted, and the price is within my acceptance range. The friends recommended it did not disappoint me. The master also provided a lot of useful suggestions to help me complete My engineering project is really a conscience team, and if I need it later, I will contact Chris.

Shifen Team

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Shifen Painting is a professional paint company. Painting is the only job we done for our everyday's work. The quality of handwork is far from comparable to other comprehensive companies. We can achieve the same price with the best quality! For several years, we have maintained a record of 100% customer satisfaction. As a customer, what else do you need?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do we charge?

We accept cash, email tranfer and checks payment

Do we patch the walls?

Yes. Before we painting, we check the walls and repair all nail holes and cracks

How many times do we coating?

Our standard is to brush all the walls twice, and in some cases, three or four times, such as changing any color to white, especially dark and beautiful colors, such as dark blue, red, yellow

How many days do we need to complete?

The specific time needs to be related to the size of the house and the content of the painting. Generally speaking, it will be less than painting the windows and doors, foundation lines and ceiling

Do we use painting products that provided by customers?

We usually use Benjamin Moore's products. In general, we recommend that customers use them as well

Do we provide formal price quotations and invoice / receipts?

Yes. We will provide formal quotations, contracts , invoice and receipts to our customers

How do I book your painting service?

If you agree with our price quotation, it is best to notify us three days in advance so that we can prepare materials and staff to serve you

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If the email can't be answered in time, or you don't hear your phone call at work, you can scan our WeChat QR code and message us. We will reply you any questions as soon as possible.

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